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Forensic Identification Services Section

Officers in Forensic Identification Services Section (crime scene investigations) are dedicated exclusively to their field and provide a support service to patrol members, major crimes, special investigations and criminal investigations.

Contrary to what is often portrayed on TV, our members do not complete the scientific examinations that provide information such as DNA profiles or handwriting comparisons. Their work focuses on identifying and collecting the exhibits that are sent for scientific analysis. Without the focused and detail-oriented work of our forensics officers, justice would not be served.

EPS constables with at least five years of patrol duty can apply for positions in the Forensic Identification Services Section. Interested members are required to have demonstrated exceptional investigation skills while working in patrol. Members who are selected train at the Canadian Police College for eight weeks in the forensic identification field to learn about:

  • fingerprint techniques and identification
  • photography
  • crime scene(s) examination

After completing an understudy program, members may receive further training in these specialty fields:

  • bloodstain pattern analysis
  • post-blast examinations
  • illicit drug lab examinations
  • scene examinations (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents)

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.