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The EPS offers salaries that are competitive with all police services in the country which are paid on a graduated scale, based on length of service. The annual constable salary ranges from $67,414 to $106,764 but a yearly promotional process allows you to transition to a higher rank. Base salary at any rank can increase if the officer works:

  • overtime (paid at double time)
  • court time on days off and/or time off
  • night shifts (paid shift differential pay rates)
  • statutory holidays (paid at double time)
  • voluntary special event policing shifts (paid at $93.89 per hour)

All salaries listed below are base salaries prior to deductions:

The EPS Salary Schedule
Rank Annual* Bi - weekly* Hourly*
1st Year Constable $67 414 $2 583 $32.28
2nd Year Constable $71 439 $2 737 $34.21
3rd Year Constable $83 513 $3 200 $39.99
4th Year Constable $91 563 $3 508 $43.85
5th Year Constable $100 619 $3 855 $48.18
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete)
$107 662 $4 125 $51.56
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete)
$109 674 $4 202 $52.52
Sergeant /Detective $120 742 $4 626 $57.82
Staff Sergeant $132 816 $5 089 $63.60

*Effective December 25, 2016

Shift Differential

Members who work a shift where half or more of that shift falls between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight receive an extra $1.10 an hour. Members who work a shift where half or more of that shift falls between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m. receive an extra $1.20 an hour. 

Police Training Officer Pay
Police training officer (PTO) premium pay is offered to constables assigned as field training officers for the recruits during training.  PTO’s receive an extra $2 an hour for the duration of the designated training period.

Police Boot Allowance
All uniform members receive an annual allowance of $597 that can be used for uniform tailoring or to purchase new patrol boots.



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