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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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4. Balance

We’ll help you achieve a work/life balance that suits your needs. A good balance between work and life is possible as a police officer! If you’re looking for a rewarding career, but not at the expense of family life, the EPS may be the right fit for you.

Police work can be demanding, but there is flexibility to be found. A patrol constable must be able to work various shifts — including evenings, nights and weekends — at all times of the year. Shifts are typically 11 hours long and can be one of the three watches: day, afternoon or evening. The shift schedule is set one year in advance, so planning ahead is possible.

Above and beyond the regular shift schedule, officers are required to attend court on criminal and traffic matters, as it’s a critical component of ensuring justice is served. When a court date is scheduled on an officer's day off, they are compensated appropriately.

Maintaining a harmonious work and family life is critical for most people when exploring a new career. A career with the EPS allows officers to explore their interests and passions both during work hours and during their time off. For example, those who love the outdoors and enjoy biking can apply to be a beat officer. The EPS has a number of school resource officer positions if you like working with youth or have an education background. Whatever your passion is in life, there’s likely an application within the EPS.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.