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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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1. Potential

From traffic to tactical, we have more than100 different career choices within the EPS.

Beginning at the constable rank, the EPS offers numerous exciting opportunities to learn and advance while you make a positive impact in the community. Promotion is available to those who want it, but the opportunities as a constable are far-reaching and rewarding. No matter the path you decide to take, you will gain a wealth of experience in a dynamic career!

In the beginning of your career with the EPS, you’ll start out as a patrol constable. Here, you’ll make a positive impact on the streets of Edmonton from day one. Within three to five years, more positions and opportunities become available to you. There’s a wide variety of positions within the constable rank and these options increase as you are promoted through the ranks.

Your education and development is supported by the EPS. “Learning while earning” promotes individual growth for members and creates well-rounded officers. You can pursue a degree, diploma and/or certificate while working for the EPS. The EPS also offers internal courses that advance members’ knowledge in different areas of interest. See Earn as You Learn for more information.

The EPS encourages our members to participate in the promotion process and rise through the ranks of the police service. The rank structure of the EPS is as follows:

  • recruit constable
  • constable
  • sergeant/detective
  • staff sergeant
  • inspector
  • superintendent
  • deputy chief
  • chief

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.