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11. The high-tech edge

The EPS has an assortment of high-tech tools at our disposal, both in the air and on the ground. We pride ourselves on being a leader in innovation and technology and have been recognized for this demonstrated leadership.

All marked police vehicles are equipped with mobile work stations, allowing members to access information immediately and complete police reports while in their police vehicle. Vehicles are also equipped with a global positioning system, which assists our Communication Section in dispatching the closest vehicle to any incident within the city. Another valuable tool the Service uses is the Grizzly armoured personnel carrier, which helps police respond to high-risk situations.

We also have flight operations. The Flight Operations Unit is one of only six full-time police helicopter programs in operation within Canada, and is the only program within the country that utilizes sworn members as pilots. The AIR 1 and 2 helicopters are key technologies used in daily operations such as criminal flight situations and the search for lost or missing persons.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.