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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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The Edmonton Police Service is taking applications on an ongoing basis.

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We can help you make a difference

Choosing a career as a police officer tells the world you’re ready to take a stand for what’s right. That you’re ready to save lives, protect the innocent and uphold justice each and every day. Edmonton’s police officers don’t just keep the peace, they help create a city where the future is safer and brighter with each shift.

For you, policing is not just a job it’s who you are. So bring your best and be one of the best. Think about joining the EPS. Apply now.

We’re a leader

The EPS is an internationally recognized leader in innovative policing. Agencies from around the world visit Edmonton to learn more about our initiatives in community policing and to see firsthand what makes us a leader in policing. We are at the forefront of law enforcement, computer and communications technology, equipment, and training.

As a fully compliant organization with Alberta Policing Standard requirements, the EPS must meet high standards for our equipment and other areas within the service. While all Alberta police agencies are required to comply with these standards, the EPS continues to lead the way, which makes our organization stand out as a leader. It's just one element of what makes the EPS a proud and honourable family.  


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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.