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Experienced Canadian Officers

The EPS has been hiring experienced officers through the experienced officer program (EOP) since 2002.

The training for an experienced officer consists of an eight-week assessment and training period within the EOP. Candidates are provided with EPS-specific information prior to and throughout their training. Most of this training occurs at the William Griesbach Training Centre in Edmonton.

During this time, the experienced officers will review and learn various skills and EPS-related policies and procedures:

  • skills assessments
  • reasonable officer response training
  • documentation and articulation
  • academics
  • EPS-specific procedures

If there are performance concerns, a board of evaluators will convene and an action plan will be made regarding the officer's development. There is potential for the officer to be transferred into a regular recruit training class if there are significant performance concerns.

Upon completion of the eight-week initial assessment/training stage, candidates will begin their Field Development Training in their assigned divisions and will be trained according to the EPS police training officer program for 24 shifts.

Please note: Military police, please visit this page for details on eligibility for our EOP. At this time, international experienced officers are not considered for entry into the EOP.


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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.