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Recruit Training

You have high expectations from a career in policing — we have high expectations of our recruits. One of the greatest benefits of a career with the EPS is that recruits are taught everything they need to know.

The links below will give more detail on what recruiting training class for each type of applicant: 

It takes a variety of skills and competencies to succeed in recruit training. In order to recognize the achievement of individuals within each class, the following awards are given out at every graduation ceremony:
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The Valedictorian is chosen by the members of the recruit class based on that person’s consistent demonstration of professionalism through their words and actions, their wisdom, focus and inspiration throughout the training program and finally, an ability to set a high level of conduct that enables them to represent every other member of their class.
Edmonton Police Commission
Ezio Faraone Fitness

The “Ezio Faraone Fitness Award” is awarded to the recruit who has made fitness a regular and important part of their life, and has shown themselves as a leader amongst their classmates and Canadian fitness averages.
Constables' Lounge
Officer Safety

This award is presented to the recruit who has achieved the highest mark in officer safety skills. This award encompasses practical skills as well as written exams exemplifying proficiency with firearms and tactics training skills.
Sergeants' Mess
Leroy Chahley Academic Award

The award is named in honor of former Chief Leroy Chahley. Chief Chahley was a student in Recruit Training Class #1; the first formalized class of the Edmonton Police Department. While in class he earned the distinction of being the highest academic student.
Officers' Mess

To qualify, the recruit must epitomize humanitarian qualities… and is an individual chosen by his or her peers as someone who was supportive, caring, and helpful to others in the class.
Edmonton Police Association
Trainer’s Choice

The criteria for this award are: strong leadership skills, concern for the needs of others, cooperation, a “can do” attitude that contributes to the overall success of his or her class, and someone who does not seek recognition for his or her actions.
Edmonton Police Association
Problem Solving

One of the major components of this training is the Phase II Field Development process which requires the recruit members, under the auspices of their Police Training Officers, to identify a recurring issue within their division and through partnerships with stakeholders within the community as well as government and non-government organizations, effectively reduce or eliminate the problem and improve the quality of life in that area.
Edmonton Police Association
IPA Leadership

The main criteria for selection will be leadership, helpfulness, generosity and maturity. To help with the selection, priority may be given to the candidate who enjoys travelling or has visited police members in other countries or who expresses an interest in hosting visiting police officers from outside of Edmonton if this can be determined.
International Police Association 

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.