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Run with Recruiters

 Registration Process

  1. View & register for upcoming sessions here
  2. Push/pull machine practice is no longer on the RWR portal. Registration can be found here
  3. You must complete registration for the RWR portal before your account is able to register for upcoming sessions
  4. If you have issues setting up your account or registering please email: 

You must be 18+ years of age to attend a Run with Recruiters session. All details for the sessions are included within the RWR event portal. 

Why should I attend?

  • Gain insight on the physical requirements of a policing career
  • Gauge your fitness level and improve your overall readiness
  • Try new exercises from certified fitness trainers for EPS Recruits 
  • Connect with EPS Recruiters and ask questions 
  • Meet like-minded participants and receive a great workout in a supportive environment

Program History 

The Run with a Recruiter (RWR) Program was developed in the spring of 2012 to give applicants an opportunity to workout, connect and gain insight on what to expect in Recruit Training Class and in a career with the Edmonton Police Service. Since the program was launched over 10 years ago, we've had over 5,000 participants come enjoy a Run with Recruiters session. The program is an opportunity to connect with EPS Recruiters, and like-minded individuals. Come try a session today! 


Women's Run with Recruiters

Led by female members from RSU, these female-only workout sessions will include 45 minutes of fitness and feature special guests speakers representing various units and ranks from within the EPS. 

  • Scheduled to return mid-September! Updates will be posted here and through our social media channels
  • View & Register for upcoming sessions through the Online RWR portal


Now exclusively accepting applications online. Take the first step by creating an APATS account today.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.