RTC #125 takes part in ceremony
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RTC #125 takes part in ceremony

July 18, 2012

In their third week of training, RTC 125 was supposed to start their Investigative Skills Education Program but instead was called upon to take part in an official ceremony at police headquarters.

 The class joined with RTC 124 and the Guard of Honour for an official inspection and to showcase the Service’s professionalism through their foot drill.



The Chief of Police, Corps Sergeant Major, and Class Coordinator (Constable coordinating the class) lead the inspection. They literally inspect the recruit constables, walking by each and every person looking at their uniform and boots. Boots are to be properly polished, uniform creases are to be sharp, and there should be no loose threads or hair on them. Hats must not have lint on them, and hair must be neatly in place according to policy.

Inspections aren’t done all the time, but they do happen sporadically throughout training and once officers are on patrol squads. The uniform is something to take pride in— it is a source of authority and professionalism that increases our credibility in the community.

Foot drill

Foot drill is an excellent way to build discipline and teamwork. It takes the entire class working together to perfect and is an essential part of training.

The class began their foot drill training in week one and continues to work on it throughout training. Most drill within the EPS is ceremonial, obeying the commands and displaying formation during graduations, award ceremonies, community events, memorial services, and other functions.

These are two components of being a part of a professional and internationally-recognized policing agency. It is a display of pride and honour in wearing the uniform and being part of the Edmonton Police Service.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.