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Research shows that those who attend an A-PREP session have a better success rate than those who do not. It is highly encouraged that you attend one of these sessions as you will be exposed to the A-PREP protocol, you will learn how to effectively train for it, given technical advice on how to perform each of the tasks, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and practice the physical tasks in the A-PREP. We have two different A-PREP session types: 

A-PREP Practice

A-PREP Practices are currently on hold and will be assessed in March, 2021.

These practice sessions are facilitated by EPS recruiters. Those who attend this session will have the opportunity to try out the A-PREP equipment (Body Control Simulator and Arm Restraint Simulator) and have any questions answered by recruiters. It is suggested that applicants also attend an A-PREP orientation to maximize the effectiveness of this practice opportunity.

Time and Location:
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Will be confirmed when practice resumes 

A-PREP Orientation

Time and Location:
Time: 4:45pm - 6:00pm or 6:00pm - 7:15pm
Location: Police Headquarters 

Please complete and submit the following form to sign up for an A-PREP orientation date. Once submitted you will receive an email confirming the date, time and location of your orientation. Registration is limited to 6 participants per session date, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please select only one orientation date due to limited availability.

The orientation session is facilitated by a certified A-PREP Appraiser. Those who attend this orientation session with a valid medical clearance for A-PREP will also have the opportunity to run the Leger Shuttle run to Stage 7. Those who do not have an A-PREP medical clearance will only be allowed to run to Stage 3.5. The medical clearance forms will be emailed to you upon registration and are valid for 6 months. The opportunity to participate in the Leger Shuttle run is not mandatory.



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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.