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Physical Readiness Evaluation

The Alberta Physical Abilities Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers (A-PREP) is the new assessment standard of the physical suitability of recruit constable applicants.

This assessment gives applicants a taste of what it takes to be a police officer. Job simulation tasks put applicants in demanding conditions often faced by police officers. It’s up to an applicant to prove they’re prepared for any situation.

A-PREP has three parts:

  1. a medical screening questionnaire
  2. a pursuit/restraint circuit that mimics tasks that may be performed on the job
  3. an aerobic shuttle run that tests overall fitness
An A-PREP pass is valid for six months. If the first attempt is not successful, an applicant may take it a second time on the next available testing session date. Further failures after the second attempt will result in a two-month waiting period for each successive fail.
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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.