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Mentorship Programs

The Edmonton Police Service application and selection process is designed to ensure the best candidates are offered employment. We know this process can be daunting and tough at times but we want to offer every opportunity to those interested in career with us to be successful. As a result, we’ve developed a variety of programs and workshops to help you.

Prior to attending one of these programs, we encourage applicants to first attend an upcoming information session to familiarize yourself with the application process. 

A-PREP Orientation
This orientation session is designed to familiarize yourself with the A-PREP test and the equipment used. A recruiter will explain the fitness test, show you best practices on how to use the equipment and allow you to try it out.

Eligibility - these workshops are open to anyone who has attended an information session. You can view upcoming dates and register here.

Run with Recruiters
This program was developed to give applicants an opportunity to workout with Recruitment Officers and gain insight in to what to expect, both in Recruit Training Class and in a career with the Edmonton Police Service. Workouts will range from a long run to a boot camp style workout. These no-cost workouts are held twice per week.

Eligibility - sessions are open to anyone who has attended an information session and interested in improving their fitness level. No registration is required, visit this page to view upcoming session dates.

Recruiter Applicant Mentorship Program
This program pairs an applicant with a recruiter for 1-on-1 guidance and coaching through the application process. An applicant will learn about the career, receive help in submitting an application and be offered advice throughout the selection process.

Eligibility - this program is intended for people who have not submitted an application yet but have shown a high level of interest in the application process by attending an information session, open test write or regular Run with Recruiters workouts. Recruiters will be selecting applicants based on 1-on-1 discussion and attendance at recruiting events.

BDI Workshop
This workshop is designed to give attendees a better understanding of what a Behavioural Descriptive Interview is and how to prepare for it. Conducted by the examiners themselves, applicants will be guided through how to prepare examples that showcase the 6 competencies tested.

Eligibility - this workshop is open to applicants who have not submitted an application package but have attended an information session or open test write as well as those who have submitted an application. To register for an upcoming BDI Workshop, visit this page.

Recruit Mentoring Academy
The Mentoring Academy is a 10 week program that exposes attendees to a variety of subjects including professionalism and ethics, mental readiness, command presence, stress management and other elements of the application process and recruit training.

Eligibility - the academy is an invite only program based on a variety of factors which can include application status, run with recruiter participation and attendance at other recruiting events.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.