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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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 International Experienced Officer Information

Applicants with experience in policing agencies outside of Canada may be offered pay based on the number of years' service with their respective police agency, up to a maximum of five years. For example, if an applicant has three years of completed years service at the time of an offer of employment from the EPS, the successful applicant will receive the 3rd-year EPS Constable pay rate. If an applicant has five or more years completed service, the applicant will receive the 5th-year EPS Constable pay rate. Please see Salaries for the relevant pay level.

Please note: Regardless of an officer's rank prior to joining the Edmonton Police Service, they will commence at the rank of Constable. Candidates must understand that if they are eligible because of experience for a higher classification, it is for pay purposes only and does not affect seniority. All new members with a total of five full years police time with a recognised Police Service with at least two years being with the Edmonton Police Service are eligible to write promotional examinations.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.