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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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Lateral Entry Policy

Regardless of an experienced officer’s rank prior to joining the EPS, they will be applied the rank of constable. Experienced officers will be paid at a higher rate than a recruit with no previous police experience. If a candidate is eligible for a higher classification because of experience, it is for pay purposes only and does not affect seniority. All new members start at fifth class constable status relating to seniority, and members with a total of five years police time in a recognized Canadian police service (with at least two being with the EPS) are eligible to write promotional examinations.

Pay Scale

The following schedule is recommended to determine lateral entry salary levels.

Completed Years of Service with another Police Agency

Edmonton Police Service Pay Scale and Comparable Classification

2 years completed


3 years completed


4 years completed


For remaining salary years, refer to this table.

This pay scale is competitive with comparable police agencies. Final pay scales will be subject to negotiation between the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Association.

The EPS pays double for overtime hours and also double for regularly scheduled hours worked on statutory holidays, plus eight hours. Extra Duty Detail (e.g. Edmonton Oilers’ hockey games, Edmonton Eskimos’ football games) are also available at a specified rate in addition to regular hours, if a member chooses to work extra hours


All officers will be elevated one class on the anniversary date of their employment until Constable First Class is attained, as per the Edmonton Police Association Collective Agreement. All new members with the EPS start at Fifth Class Constable relating to seniority.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.