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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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The Edmonton Police Service is taking applications on an ongoing basis.

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Experienced Canadian Officers

Are you looking for a change? The EPS is hiring experienced officers from Canadian police agencies to fill its next experienced officer program (EOP).

Benefits Overview

  • Receive up to $5,000 transition allowance for hired officers. Receipts required and expenses must be CRA eligible
  • Accelerated training format of only 5 weeks (compared to 27 weeks for new recruits)
  • Salary lateral adjusted to years of service1. View salary schedule
  • Pension transfer options available, please visit the Special Forces Pension Plan website for transfer eligibility2
  • Vacation offered for years of experience, assessed individually 
  • Pre-hire positions available for successful applicants3

Career Overview

  • Promotion opportunities occur annually - offering a wide range of positions for qualified officers to develop a career within EPS
  • Career options include over 100 different roles across multiple units ranging from Child Protection to Flight Ops and Canine
  • Continued education and skills development is an integral part of being a police officer; we offer courses in operational, academic and leadership areas
  • Using a community policing approach, a dynamic skill-set is required to serve the changing needs of Edmonton's diverse communities of nearly 1 million people 
  • Health and wellness is an integral part of an officers wellbeing; the EPS is known for work-life balance and offering stability and the supports needed for its members and their families 

Talk to Someone Who’s Done It

The EPS has employed experienced officers from a variety of police agencies across Canada. If you wish to learn more or to connect with an officer who transitioned from another agency to the Edmonton Police Service, please contact Cst. Marvin Foth. We understand this is an important decision. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Please Note:

  • At this time, international experienced officers are not considered for entry into the EOP. If you’re a member of the military police, please see Military Police to see if you’re eligible for the EOP.
  • 1Salary laterals allow for equivalent years of service and may be treated assessed individually
  • 2Pension transfer options and eligibility vary across police agencies and provincial regulations. Instruction on eligibility assessment can be provided upon request
  • 3Pre-hire positions are available for successful applicants on a select basis, subject to approval by the Edmonton Police Service. Further information can be provided upon request

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.