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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

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Why You Should Choose EPS

The EPS is committed to developing a membership that reflects the community we serve, which means increasing our female membership. The EPS currently has 398 sworn female members on the job out of an approximate 1,790 officers. Female officers bring a unique and beneficial style of policing to the Service and the EPS is always looking for qualified female applicants.

While it may not be a typical career choice, there are several compelling reasons to consider policing. See what a rewarding career policing can be!


The EPS has more than 100 different positions for constables after the first three to five years on patrol. After that, you have the opportunity to apply for other positions in the organization such as community liaison constable, field intelligence officer, or child protection detective. Find out more about different careers with the EPS. We also value ongoing learning and you will have many opportunities throughout your career to advance your skills and training. If you love to learn and excel at being challenged, then the EPS just might be the place for you.


The EPS provides excellent benefits to all employees such as: major medical and dental for you and your family; a health care spending account; three weeks paid vacation after your first year; and a pension after 25 years.

If you want financial security, it doesn’t get much better than the EPS. Imagine retiring after only 25 years of work with a pension! If you’re looking for a good life/work balance, the EPS offers advance scheduling. Officers know their schedule a year in advance so planning and juggling work and life can be a bit easier. If you want to go back to school, the EPS provides tuition reimbursements for members with three or more years of service.


The EPS pay structure is the same for both male and female officers. If you would like to move up in responsibility and take a leadership role within the organization, the annual promotion process is open to everyone. You are eligible to apply for promotion after seven years of service, but until then there are numerous professional development opportunities that you can take advantage of to set yourself up for success.

To gain a better idea of what working with the EPS is like, check out if the EPS is right for you and make sure you meet the minimum requirements.

If you think you have the right qualifications to take the next step on the road to becoming an EPS officer, familiarize yourself with eight-stage selection process and then create an online APATS account which is the first step in applying.

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The Edmonton Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.