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Inside RTC #122 - Provincial Acts & Bylaws

October 07, 2011

Last Thursday, I attended a two hour class on provincial acts and bylaws. It was the first class on this topic. To say I was overwhelmed by the amount of information the recruits received is an understatement.

When I mentioned that the amount the recruits have to learn seems really high, the instructors reiterated that the course is a stepping stone. The recruits have 23 weeks to learn and fully absorb the information and then they can put it into practice in the second part of their training, Field Development, when they get on the street.

As I said in last week’s update, the learning style is also conducive to information retention. Instead of being lectured for two hours, the recruits were given a page with a bunch of questions on provincial statutes and municipal laws, and told they are to present on Oct. 4.

This left the recruits to explore the answers, learning along the way.

Not only do officers need to know and understand the Canadian Criminal Code, but also provincial statutes and regulations, and City of Edmonton bylaws. These include both general and traffic acts and bylaws.

From my two hours of class versus the recruit’s 40 hours a week, I can imagine how mentally exhausted they are by time Friday rolls around. Not to mention their physical fatigue from the fitness components of training.

I also observed a couple other things. The recruits are a very welcoming bunch. They are passionate about what they’re learning and are eager to learn it to become the best officers they can be.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at recruitblog@edmontonpolice.ca. I’ll answer the best I can.

I had a great time at class this week, attending both a control tactics session and an introduction into investigations. I'll post a blog on this topic next.

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